Our Greeting Cards

Enjoy our from heart to brush collection showcasing a wealth of daily reminders. This collection is sold as individual cards or custom packs of 10 made to order with everyday messaging needs in mind.  The packaging is a  simple biodegradable , compost ready cello bag with an index card in the back of the pack (seen below on right) to identify which cards are packed in the pouch. The hang tag at the top is whole punched  making these cards easy for retailers to rack on a slat wall and flexible for cross merchandising in a variety of in store departments. 

This collection features original creations by Ms. Rose Sigal Ibsen who is available for in store calligraphy demonstrations upon request and is a local NYC resident.

 The collection is offered as individual cards or in packs of 5.   A wholesale rate of 50% off the suggested retail value is offered, bringing the individual card rate to $1.25 per with a min. purchase of 36 pieces, and a  pack of 5 cards down to $5 with a min purchase of 24 packs.
We can customize your order to suite your hearts desire although we suggest the following combinations:        

1.   Everyday messaging : Thank you , Congratulations, Good Health, Good Luck, Happy Birthday, Longevity and Endurance.                                                                                                                                    
2. Heartfelt messaging: Love, Hope, Dream, Peace, Beauty, Friends, Forever, Pure and  Harmony 

Select from 16 different messages